Solar P.V.

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Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic systems (solar panels) harness solar energy to produce electricity for lights and home appliances.

A photovoltaic (PV) panel generates an electric field across the cell when sunlight strikes it, which causes electricity to flow. This means you can save money and help slow climate change by using renewable energy.

How can we help?



Norfolk Renewable Installations will use its vast experience to work with you to design the best, bespoke system to meet your needs, whether it is for private or business use.



Using our qualified technicians we will install the chosen system to the highest standard possible, ensuring your project is completed to your full satisfaction.

Types of Solar PV modules

Solar Panels by Norfolk Renewable Installations

We offer and recommend a variety of solar panels and inverters.

There are many different types of solar PV modules;

  • Grey ‘solar tiles’,
  • All black solar panel for a discreet installation,
  • Coloured panels, and
  • Transparent solar panels – for use in conservatories and glass

We can determine which solar panels are the most suitable for you at Norfolk Renewable Installations Ltd. Taking into account many factors we can then select the most effective and efficient solar PV panel system for each of our customers from a variety of solar power products.

For your reassurance, Norfolk Renewable Installations are accredited members of HEISNAPIT and MCS.

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Advantages of solar electricity


Renewable energy source

We will not run out of solar energy as it will be available as long as the sun is still there. So, reduce your carbon footprint today and install solar panels.


No pollution

The system is silent with no noise pollution and does not generate any toxic or polluting emissions into the air. It also reduces the use of fossil fuels.


Reduce electricity bills

Not only will you enjoy a reduction in your electricity bills, but you may also be able to get paid for exporting your excess energy to the grid.


Low maintenance

With there being no moving parts solar panels require very little maintenance. You just need to give them a clean a couple of times a year for maximum efficiency.

Solar Panels by Norfolk Renewable Installations Ltd

Is my home right for Solar PV Panels?

Make sure no trees or structures are blocking your view from your home, as the system’s output might be affected by this.

If the property is a listed building or is located in a conservation area, always request planning clearance from your local government agency. We can assist with this.

Both the mounting and solar panels can be very heavy. Their weight must be supported by a sturdy roof.