Battery Storage

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Battery Storage

This is a great way to store surplus power generated to enable it to be used when there is a need for higher consumption by preventing the power from going back to the grid.

The battery storage can also be charged up from the grid during off peak periods, allowing the power to be used by your property during peak times.

Battery Storage by Norfolk Renewable Installations

In addition, should you have a power cut then the power stored within the battery can keep essential parts of your home up and running. This will require a bespoke system set up which you can discuss with Norfolk Renewable Installations to ensure that the best, most efficient equipment can be installed.

For your reassurance, Norfolk Renewable Installations are accredited members of HEISNAPIT and MCS.

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Is a Battery Storage System Expensive?

Whilst the price of battery storage is coming down, it is not cheap with investment currently running into thousands of pounds rather than hundreds.

However, with the installation in place, there are significant savings to be made by the owner once suitable lifestyle changes have been made. There is little or no generated power waste as the batteries simply kick in when needed, and store excess power when able.

Getting your money back on the installation can be around six years depending on all the factors involved, but being less reliant on the large energy companies is immediate, allowing the owner to be more energy independent.

Battery Storage Systems


Easy installation

Installing the battery storage will not affect your solar PV inverter. It simply monitors how much power you are generating compared to how much you are using, storing or discharging as appropriate.


Choice Of Size

The storage comes in various Kw systems and by discussing your needs with Norfolk Renewable Installations the most suitable system can be installed taking into account your energy demands.


Fully Automated

The battery storage process is all automated, however it is advisable that users try to stagger the use of electrical appliances so that the system is not asked to power them all at once.


Little Space

The battery storage equipment needs good ventilation and easy access should maintenance be required. It needs a minimal amount of space, usually in a utility room or a garage.