Renewable Heating

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Energy Diverter

The energy diverter allows your system to send excess energy to a resistive element. This can be an immersion heater in a hot water cylinder tank or the element in a towel radiator for example. That’s renewable heating!

This is ideal for people who cannot or do not want to spend money on installing battery storage but wish to use the excess power generated by their solar panel system. It can mean that when you do not need to heat your home in spring and summer time your boiler can be switched off as the energy diverter does the job of heating up the water needed.

For your reassurance, Norfolk Renewable Installations are accredited members of HEISNAPIT and MCS.

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What Can They do?

Basically, energy diverters are intelligent devices which can be used to heat up your radiators, provide you with underfloor heating or simply heat your water. All this is from the excess solar energy generated by your solar panels. By the way, it also helps to save the planet!


Easily Compatible

Most, if not all boilers will be compatible with an energy diverter, but the easiest to integrate with is a boiler which already has its own hot water cylinder. It does not matter which fuel type is used for the boiler as the diverter integrates with the electrical immersion circuit, not the fuel.


How Does It Work?

Quite simply, the diverter monitors when power generated by the solar panels exceeds usage and is sent back to the grid. It then diverts that excess energy to the immersion heater to heat up your water.


Hot Water Cylinder?

Do you need one … yes you do in most cases. If you do not have one it is relatively simple to install. Combi boilers work to heat water on demand and adding an immersion to your system is not usually an issue.